Do mosquitoes pick favorites?

Many will attest that some individuals get bitten by mosquitoes more often. Others seem to never be bothered. Recently, the Wall Street Journal explained the science behind mosquito’s biting habits with an expert from Vanderbilt University.

Certain people do get bit more. Pregnant women or individuals with more body fat are prone to mosquito bites. Their movements exert more energy, and mosquitoes sense heat and carbon monoxide. However, mosquitoes are also drawn to the scent of natural bacteria on human skin, and people have their own scent.

Also, it may not be so much about mosquitoes preferring one person over another but about each individual’s bodily reaction to the bite. Children are more likely to experience intense reactions, because their bodies have yet to build up immunity. This causes bits to swell and itch more. You may feel like you get bit more, but may actually just have a more noticeable and bothersome reaction.