Immigration reform moves to the House

us-immigration-protest-2Immigration reform has been the center of politics this summer. It will continue to be a nationwide debate as the immigration reform act makes its way to the House of Representatives, where it currently faces a lack of support.

At a time when Congress is generally slow to pass legislation and in a political climate where compromise is a forbidden word, the Senate pulled together to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill this June. President Obama backs this reform, but the bill will have to pass the House first.

Included in the Senate bill is a 13 year path to citizenship for current undocumented immigrants and a plan for increased border security. The citizenship path includes steep fees and taxes plus English proficiency and gainful employment requirements.

While many see this as a fair compromise, House Republicans fear this plan would create unfair amnesty to undocumented immigrants. Republicans also are pushing for the border security plans to be in place before the path to citizenship is open.